The Coffee Shop Millionaire Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a product available to the public that teaches the basics about internet marketing and provides the tools and support for anyone to be able to build a website and make money through marketing that site or their products. It is a great tool for those who are interested in internet marketing but do not know where to start.

And it seems that the hottest new product in internet marketing has received a lot of unfair attention and appears to have some really bad reviews. That is until you read the reviews and if you know anything about marketing on the internet, then you know that these reviews are based on a lack of knowledge.


Why Are There Bad Reviews?

First you will notice that all of the Coffee Shop Millionaire Reviews that are negative will complain about about up sales. To get started with the Coffee Shop Millionaire, it is only $37 dollars. That is the basic costs to learn about internet marketing through their portal and provides basic and advanced information.

This introduction gives you the idea of what the services provide and your money is refundable on the spot if you feel overwhelmed or if you are simply not satisfied. There are no reviews stating they did not receive a refund. So they are true to their word and will refund your starter fees quickly. If it was a scam, you would never get a refund.

What are Up Sales?

Up sales are based on the products that the Coffee Shop Millionaire provides to start your internet business. They break it down into various categories which allows you to only purchase the tools you need to personalize your internet marketing strategy. This way you are not buying over rated products with a lot of stuff you will never use. This allows freedom to the marketing enthusiast to build something purely unique to their ideas and web marketing business.


Once you have downloaded the basic guides and read or viewed the materials, you should be able to make the choices you need to build a website and start an internet marketing business. There are various ways to promote your site and they provide theses tools. You will need a domain and a website and they provide the platform to get you started.

Once you have the basics of your website, then it is time to make it available to the public. The options are to use email marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization or newsletters to name a few. You can use all of these or just a few depending on your personal preferences. And you need only to purchase the up sales of these products that you need, when you need them.

What is The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam? Is it real? Definitely not. They are providing a valuable service and a platform that can make internet marketing fun and much cheaper than if you were to try to start your own internet marketing business without their services. Where would you begin, how would you acquire the knowledge and who would you ask for help?

Also it appears that The Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints are fed from those who are expecting to get rich quick with no real work involved. For all successful internet marketers and those who have dealt with the internet as their form of business know there are a lot of details involved and the start up of any business takes a lot of work.

This applies across the board for all entrepreneurs, we know there is no secret formula that will fill our bank accounts over night with riches.

The basis of the product introduces you to the business of internet marketing and then supplies the tools you need to build a website and the guidelines to follow to become a successful presence on the web.

If you tried to do this on your own or hire a professional website creator, you can spend three times as much, and not have the technical support or basic foundation for continued success.

In short the bad reviews are simply provided from those who feel like they got scammed because they either do not understand the concepts of internet marketing or did not think there would be so much work involved.


Some complain that it is more geared to those who are familiar with internet marketing and not beginners. But this is not entirely true either, they do begin with the basics and give you the knowledge of what they provide.

It is simply up to you to fill in the missing blanks and there are several free courses and publications on the internet if you need the extra knowledge. Those who do get it go on to be very successful and take the time to build a valuable reputation on the web.

It is easier it seems for these reviewers to blame the Coffee Shop instead of taking the time to learn more about the business of internet marketing. It is the same for those who do not understand math or get a bad score on a test, it is always the teachers fault right?

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legitimate?

Yes it is, most definitely. You must realize that hundreds of students spend thousands of dollars every semester to learn internet marketing. Businesses around the globe spend thousands, if not millions of dollars to hire internet marketers or to train their employees to do internet marketing to promote their businesses and improve sales.

Internet marketing is a huge business in itself and The Coffee Shop Millionaire is providing the knowledge to you at a very reasonable price and the ability to learn internet marketing from the comforts of home. You simply need to take the time to understand the concepts of internet marketing and have a real desire to build a legitimate business and not just hope for a get rich quick scheme.

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